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So, you're interested in a new Volvo XC90? We don't blame you. This flagship SUV is the perfect blend of luxury, safety, performance, and capability -- all in one beautifully-wrapped package. The Volvo XC90 boasts generous space, an incredibly long list of tech & safety features, and good fuel economy.

But just like a human needs to visit the doctor to stay healthy, you'll need to make sure you keep up with your Volvo XC90 maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. Our Volvo Service Center in Cary, NC, is here for you. Keep reading to learn more about Volvo XC90 service intervals and what you can expect for Volvo XC90 maintenance costs.

Types of Volvo XC90 Maintenance

Every car needs maintenance. Your Volvo XC90 maintenance will depend on your powertrain, trim, and year make. A helpful tool is your owner's manual. Every Volvo XC90 comes with an owner's manual that details your specific vehicle's maintenance intervals for services like oil changes, filter changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, and more. If you can't find your owner's manual or are having trouble figuring out the intervals, feel free to give us a call! Our service specialists can easily help you figure out the best time to schedule service with us in Cary, NC.

Whether you buy or lease a Volvo XC90, you'll want to make sure you keep up with things like oil changes, brake repairs, and more, ensuring your Volvo XC90 warranty remains intact. You can also refer to the table on this page to see when to seek service on certain parts of your Volvo XC90. Here is a list of typical maintenance checks you'll want to keep up with:

  • Oil Change: The oil and fluid in your engine get dirty and clogged over time. You need to schedule oil changes to add new, clean fuel to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. Our service center has synthetic and conventional oil that is the best fit for your car.

  • Brakes: If you notice that your vehicle isn't stopping as quickly or that your brakes are squeaking, it's time for service. We will check your brake pads and other elements to see what needs replacing.

  • Tires: There are many factors related to your tires. It is imperative that you perform regular tire rotations to even out the wear of your tires. You also may need services like tire alignments and replacements.

  • Batteries: Your battery powers everything in your vehicle, from your infotainment to your headlights. Batteries aren't meant to last forever. If you notice electrical issues, it may be time for new batteries.

  • Wiper Blades: North Carolina is no stranger to inclement weather. It is imperative that your windshield wipers can properly remove rain or snow to give you the best visibility possible. We will let you know if it's time for a replacement.

So, how does this affect your Volvo XC90 warranty? If you don't use Volvo-certified parts from our Volvo Parts Center, you run the risk of not only having a faulty aftermarket part, but also losing your warranty on your vehicle. If you get a service with OEM parts, Volvo Cars is responsible for any maintenance and serious repairs. If you go to a quick-repair shop on the corner, you will be responsible for the cost of any damage or new parts.

Trust your Volvo XC90 maintenance to knowledgeable experts who know your car best by bringing your vehicle to our service center at Volvo Cars of Cary.

Volvo XC90 Maintenance ScheduleService 1Service 2Service 3Service 4Service 5Service 6
Mileage10,000 miles20,000 miles30,000 miles40,000 miles50,000 miles60,000 miles
Oil ChangeYesYesYesYesYesYes
6-Point InspectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Update Technical SoftwareYesYesYesYesYesYes
Change Air FiltersNoYesNoYesNoYes
Clean Intellisafe Support CameraYesYesYesYesYesYes
Engine Air FilterNoNoNoYesNoNo
Wear and Tear InspectionNoYesNoYesNoYes
Brake fluidNoNoNoYesNoNo
Replace Spark PlugsNoNoNoNoNoYes
Tire RotationYesYesYesYesYesYes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of maintenance for a Volvo XC90 SUV?

The average annual total for Volvo XC90 maintenance is estimated at $851. Maintenance costs entirely depend on your driving habits, how much you drive, any accidents, and other factors. Your price may be more or less than that figure.

How often should I get an oil change for my Volvo XC90?

As mentioned, this entirely depends on your powertrain, trim, and year make. The average vehicle needs an oil change every 5,000-10,000 miles. Please check your owner's manual or visit our service center, and we will happily set you up with an interval that is best for your vehicle's health.

What is the average life of a Volvo XC90?

Volvo vehicles are built to last. The engineers at Volvo Cars design every vehicle with precise detail to make sure it is a long-lasting car. If you care for your car properly and keep up with Volvo XC90 maintenance, you can expect your vehicle to last over 20 years! There is even a Volvo vehicle on the road with over three million miles on it!

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