Volvo Maintenance Service: Improve Your Fuel Efficiency Today!

Volvo Maintenance Service

Did you know that sticking to your specified Volvo maintenance schedule can help you do more than keep your new car warranty intact? There’s a reason for the factory recommended service at intervals such as 3,000 miles, 10,000 miles, 50,000 miles, and 75,000 miles. This page demystifies the reasons behind scheduled factory maintenance and what this means for you and your Volvo vehicle. Schedule service to get started or speak with an advisor if you have any questions about maintenance services.

Save on Gas With Your Volvo Maintenance Schedule

If for no other benefit, reducing your fuel spend while optimizing your fuel economy is enough to see us for Volvo maintenance service. But how does that really work? Are fuel gains a myth, or is it real? Here are some of the facts:

  • You save on gas with an oil change. But why? Friction causes heat. Heat creates chaos. Wasted oil makes your engine work harder, wear faster, and burn more fuel. Keeping things properly lubricated reduces any unwanted friction and loss of performance.

  • You save on fuel with tire care & service. Aside from a regular Volvo oil change, you’ll save on gas when your tires are balanced, aligned, and inflated correctly. The worse off your tires are, the more surface area contacts the ground. This increased surface area adds load to the engine, which burns more fuel. Keeping your tires in good order minimizes rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.

  • You can save on gas by sticking to your Volvo maintenance schedule. Why? Your car breathes. Air goes in, and air goes out. If these pathways are restricted, then fuel economy and power will suffer. Keep your Volvo fuel economy numbers optimized with fuel system service, filtration, exhaust, and more.

If you live in Cary near Apex, NC, then it makes sense to go to your local Volvo dealer near Apex. Why go anywhere else when you can come and experience the highest level of service from a Volvo Cars dealership that’s part of the original Volvo Cars group in the state?

Save Money With Regular Volvo Maintenance Schedule Appointments

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can save on future Volvo maintenance costs when you come in for your regularly scheduled service. If we see something that needs immediate attention, we’ll let you know. A small fix today can save you from a huge headache (and expense) tomorrow. So stick to that Volvo XC90 maintenance schedule and help keep future repair costs at a minimum.

Curious about other ways that you can save when you stick to your Volvo maintenance schedule? Ask your service advisor about the latest Volvo service coupons and specials. We’ve got ways for you to save on services from brakes to exhaust, and transmissions to tires. We even love helping the do-it-yourselfer and other shops. Count on us for service kits, maintenance kits, and more. Need something? Just ask!

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