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Having issues with your Volvo car battery? It may be time for a Volvo battery replacement. Lucky for you, our auto repair center near Raleigh is here to help. Whether you need diagnostics or a full Volvo battery replacement, our Volvo-certified technicians will get the job done and have your car running like new when you leave our service center in Cary, NC. Not sure of your Volvo S60 or Volvo XC90 battery location to see what's going on? Don't worry! Our mechanics are here to make your life easier. Don't try and diagnose a serious issue yourself. Come visit us near Raleigh.

Why Do Volvo Vehicles Have 2 Batteries?

The first Volvo battery in your vehicle is a 12V battery that does the typical jobs you'd imagine. This main battery is used in everything from starting the engine in your Volvo vehicle to powering the cutting-edge infotainment system. But, as Volvo Cars drivers know, the brand's priorities involve exceptional efficiency on top of a powerful, luxurious, high-tech experience. The second battery in your Volvo vehicle is used to help achieve the excellent MPG ratings and lowered emissions that you expect from any gas-powered Volvo vehicle.

That's because this second Volvo battery is an auxiliary power supply for your vehicle's fuel-saving start/stop feature. It's a standard feature on most new Volvo vehicles, and it works by automatically shutting off the engine as you come to a stop. As you begin to drive again, the engine will be immediately restarted by this auxiliary battery. Without the need to idle the engine, your Volvo vehicle will save fuel while also cutting down on harmful emissions.

If you see a dashboard warning light that says "Start/Stop Service Required," you may need to have this auxiliary battery replaced by an authorized Volvo service center like ours. Like a main car battery replacement for your Volvo vehicle, we can help you save on this auxiliary battery replacement with our parts and service specials to boot.

How To Know if You Need a Volvo Battery Replacement

Sometimes knowing if you need Volvo battery replacement or auto repair service is as simple as your engine won't start. That's an obvious issue. But sometimes, your Volvo vehicle will present some more subtle signals that you need battery repair. Look out for the following signs:

  • A dashboard light comes on related to your battery
  • Your touchscreen or display system isn't working or is black
  • Your car struggles to start
  • You are having issues with locking and unlocking your doors
  • Your alarm isn't working
  • The lights inside your car aren't working

If any of these issues arise, schedule auto service with us. We will give you a transparent and expert diagnosis as to what is going on. You may need a Volvo battery replacement, or the issue could be related to a different part of your vehicle. You can trust our experts to figure out the issue.

FAQs Surrounding Volvo Battery Replacement Services

How much does a Volvo battery cost?

The price entirely depends on your model, trim, year, etc. Prices for Volvo battery replacement can range anywhere from $45 to $250. We often offer parts coupons and specials, so if you need a new battery, be sure to browse our deals!

How long do Volvo car batteries last?

The average lifespan is about four to six years. This depends on your driving habits, how often you use your lights and technology, if your car remains in extreme weather, and more. However, we can assure you that getting OEM-specific batteries will help your battery (and car) last longer. If you go with aftermarket parts, they will likely hurt your car even more.

Why does my Volvo say low battery?

This warning can come up for several reasons. If you see it, we recommend scheduling a service appointment with us so we can make sure it is not a severe issue. Some causes for this warning are a weak battery, BMS sensor resetting, and even using too many device charges in your Volvo vehicle. Usually, this light is warning you your battery is discharged.

Is battery covered under Volvo warranty?

Both Volvo battery replacement and tire replacement are covered under individual warranties. The manufacturer warranty usually lasts for 50,000 miles or four years, whichever comes first.

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