It's the time of year when drivers in the Raleigh, Apex NC, and Morrisville NC areas will want to have their seasonal service performed. Here in North Carolina, it's recommended to have a few winter car care items done, and we, here at Volvo Cars Of Cary, would love to help our Cary NC area drivers accomplish that goal. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your vehicle for the winter ahead.

  • Check Your Tires - While it isn't necessary to change to winter tires, you'll still want to make sure that your tires are ready to roll. Inspect each tire to ensure that there are no cracks or damage on the outer walls, use the penny test to check out your tread level, and make sure that the right amount of air is in each tire. If you find a tire or multiple tires are damaged, have them replaced, and don't forget to have your tires rotated if they haven't been in a while.
  • Change Your Fluids - Is it time for an oil change in your Volvo XC60? Have you had your brake fluid checked out recently? Are your windshield and antifreeze fluids full and ready to work? You'll want to check each important fluid to make sure that it's full, clean, and not leaking.
  • Inspect Your Battery And Brakes - If you've noticed your brakes are squealing or your car has taken longer than normal to start, you'll want to have your battery and/or brakes inspected. They may need to repaired or replaced.
  • Pack Your Emergency Car Kit - In North Carolina, we don't see as much snow and ice as the northern states, but it's still a good idea to pack a winter emergency car kit, just in case. This should include items like a flashlight with extra batteries, water and non-perishable food, a blanket, jumper cables, flares, a first aid kit, and whatever else you may need.

Need Help With Your Winter Maintenance?

If so, feel free to schedule an appointment with our service center. Our team of technicians can get your car ready for winter with the right OEM parts for the job, and we always work hard to make these services affordable for our customers. Contact us to learn more today!

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